Ice Fishing in Indiana (IN) – Top Spots with Map

Ice fishing in Indiana is a popular and favorite pastime in the great state of Indiana, so it’s no surprise to learn that there are plenty of places for anglers to go and get some time on the ice. When the cold December snows finally arrive, plenty of ice fishermen are gearing up for some excellent fishing. 

Ice Fishing in Indiana (IN) - Top Spots with Map

Anglers wanting to fish in Indiana will have plenty of species of fish to target and pursue, including perch, largemouth bass, northern pike, walleye, bluegill, and crappie. No matter what kind of fish you like to catch, Indiana has what you are looking for!

While there are many different places to go ice fishing in the state of Indiana, it can sometimes be a little confusing knowing the best places to go. To help you out, here is a list of our top five picks for the best ice fishing in Indiana.

Top Locations for Ice Fishing in Indiana

1. Hamilton Lake

Hamilton Lake is a great place to go ice fishing if you are not sure what species of fish you want to pursue. It is very plausible to pull out any number of fish, whether pike or crappie, right after one another. 

Although you can catch just about any kind of fish here, crappie are by far the most popular and plentiful species. The northern pike is no slouches either, and large pike is regularly caught by many anglers. 

Hamilton Lake covers around 800 acres and has plenty of access points all around the lake. This lake is perfect for ice fishing for anglers who want a little of everything and don’t mind some company!

2. Sylvan Lake

If you want to fish in one of the highest quality lakes in the state of Indiana, Sylvan Lake may be just for you. This lake not only holds lots of fish but also some giant specimens of every type of fish that call its waters home. 

Walleyes are the stars of the show at Sylvan Lake and grow to some large sizes. The bass is also doing amazingly well, with many anglers reporting catching some good-sized fish. You can also expect plenty of crappie and bluegill as well.

Because Sylvan Lake is a manmade structure, access around the entire 680 acres is excellent, and you should find no shortage of ice to fish on. This is it if you want to fish in one of the state’s best lakes!

3. Round Lake

For anglers who love to target panfish, Round Lake has the highest numbers in the state, and just about any kind of bait that you throw under the ice will result in plenty of bites. If crappie or bluegill are your favorites, this is one lake you won’t want to miss.

Round Lake got its name because it is almost a near circle and sits at only around 48 acres. It is relatively shallow, but this makes for perfect conditions for the fish to flourish.

With plenty of public access and some of the area’s record bluegill, Round Lake is a perfect place for fishermen looking for some good success, and who knows, you might also catch the next state-record panfish!

4. Summit Lake

Anglers who love to catch whatever is biting will appreciate Summit Lake. This lake is home to a lot of fish, and anglers can always expect something to be biting well at the time of their trip. 

Summit Lake is located near New Castle and covers around 800 acres. Only an hour from Indianapolis, this lake is a great spot for fishermen who want to make a quick day trip out on the ice. 

Home to plenty of perch, walleye, and crappie, Summit Lake is popular for its great location and fish populations. For anyone in the area, this is one lake that could hold exactly what you are looking for when it comes to ice fishing. 

5. Pine Lake

Last on our list, but certainly not least, Pine Lake has plenty of variety to appeal to a wide range of anglers. At over 560 acres, there is plenty of room on the ice for everyone and plenty of fish to be caught. 

The great thing about Pine Lake is the variety of lake vegetation and structure found around it. For crappie and bluegill, most anglers will target the shallows. For bass and pike, fishermen will find more luck in the deeper waters and around the structure. 

In addition to panfish, bass, and pike, there is plenty of walleye and perch to pull through the ice. Pine Lake is a great option for novice and experienced ice fishermen. 

How Much is a Fishing License in Indiana

Indiana is home to plenty of options for different fishing license structures and fees. A few noteworthy ones to view are:

  • Annual fishing licenses cost $17 for residents and $35 for non-residents.
  • One-day licenses are available for $9 for residents and non-residents.
  • Seven-day licenses cost $20 for non-residents. 

For more information on license structures and fees, you can visit the Indiana Department of Natural Resource’s website at

Where to Buy a Fishing License in Indiana

The easiest and most efficient method of obtaining a fishing license in Indiana is to directly buy one online off of the Department of Natural Resource’s website. There you can pay and print it out directly. If you would like to buy one at a verified license vendor, there are plenty of places around the state to do so. To look up license vendors, visit the DNR’s website at

Ice Fishing in Indiana | Conclusion

Indiana is home to some great fishing, and most people would be surprised at how great the ice fishing is as well. When the winter months come, and the lakes freeze over, you may just want to grab your gear and get out on the ice. You never know what you will catch!

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