Trout Fishing in Texas (TX) – Top Spots with Map

If you are searching for the top spots for trout fishing in Texas, you’ve come to the right place.

Trout Fishing in Texas - Top Spots with Map

When most people think of Texas, the last thing on their mind is the fishing that can be found there. Little do they know, Texas does in fact have both rainbow and brown trout. This is one of the state’s best-kept secrets, and most people outside of the state have no idea.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department did a study in the 1980s to determine if there was anywhere in the state that could potentially be a trout fishery. They eventually settled on a few places (included here on the list) where anglers can catch wild trout in some wild places in Texas. They also regularly stock community ponds, rivers, and lakes that can and do produce some great trout.

Top Locations for Trout Fishing in Texas (TX)

1. Burke Crenshaw Park, Houston

Located in the greater Houston area, Crenshaw Park is not only a beautiful outdoor area enjoyed by many, but it is continually stocked with good numbers of catchable rainbow trout. The lake here is easily accessible and even has a small fishing pier, as well as paved and natural shoreline that provides plenty of space to catch some fish. 

Anglers here can catch up to 5 trout a day and there are no size limits in place currently. In the past, I have had a lot of luck fishing here with power bait and salmon eggs. There is also enough open area and shoreline for the avid fly fishermen as well.

For friends and family that aren’t into fishing, there are plenty of other activities such as bike trails, hiking trails, and a playground for the kids. They will be plenty entertained while you easily catch your limit of rainbows, making this one of my favorite Texas trout waters.

2. Trinity River, Fort Worth

While still considered urban fishing, the Trinity River near Fort Worth is another location that is regularly stocked by Texas Parks and Wildlife. This river not only has a great scenic view, but it is quite easy to catch the fish that call these waters home. 

This river is actually a little known fishing hotspot, and only diehard, local anglers can be seen regularly fishing here. It has great numbers of rainbow and brown trout, and while most of these are artificially stocked, there are small numbers of wild trout caught.

The Trinity River is a beautiful place that offers both established public fishing spots, and natural, harder to access the shoreline. No matter what you prefer, if you are ever in the Fort Worth area you should definitely check out this awesome trout fishery.

3. Daingerfield State Park, Dallas

For anglers wanting to catch both rainbow and brown trout, a great place to check out is Daingerfield State Park near Dallas. A big spacious lake, this state park is home to good numbers of both species and are relatively easy to catch.

This great part about this body of water is that it is located within a state park, so no fishing license is required to fish here. There are a few rules regarding the fishing, and the daily trout bag limit is 5 of any size or weight. 

Daingerfield is a great option for anglers looking for a remote, less crowded fishing location. It is located off the beaten path and not overly popular with the weekend crowds, so it never seems to be very crowded, despite the excellent fishing it provides.

4. Canyon Reservoir, Gruene

If small, stocked trout are not your thing, you should head to the Canyon Reservoir on the Guadalupe River. Big brown and rainbow trout are to be found here, and it is considered one of the top fisheries in the entire state of Texas.

One of the few places in the whole state that offers year round fly fishing, Canyon Reservoir stays cold enough to allow the trout here to survive through the warm summer months. This means older and bigger trout, as well as wild, native born trout throughout its waters. 

If you are in Texas and want to catch a big trout, this is one of the only places to do it. There is some great fishing throughout the state, but nowhere else produces the age and size as this small area does. Canyon Reservoir is part of the Guadalupe River system, which if you want the best of the best, is next on our list. 

5. Guadalupe River, New Braunfels

The best trout fishing location in the large state of Texas is easily the Guadalupe River. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department started stocking this river with rainbow and brown trout over thirty years ago, and the fish have absolutely thrived in its cold, clear waters.

Guadalupe River, Texas

One of the only places in the state that stays cold enough to keep all of its trout alive during the summer, the Guadalupe River system not only has a lot of fish, but it has a lot of large fish. The best fishing is usually found below the Canyon Reservoir, big browns and rainbows are continually caught here.

Trout from three to eight pounds are commonly caught here, and the record is thirteen pounds caught a few years ago. This is by far the number one area to go if you want to catch big brown or rainbow trout in Texas, especially since it is a lot harder to access than most of the other areas on this list. The trip is worth it though, as the scenery is gorgeous and the fishing is second to none!

When Does Trout Season Start in Texas

The great thing about fishing in Texas is that there really aren’t a whole lot of special regulations or rules regarding trout. A Texas fishing license is required, but they are relatively inexpensive and available statewide in just about any convenience store. 

Many locations have special regulations regarding bag limits and size limitations, but most lakes and rivers are standard in their 5 trout daily bag limit with no limitations on size or length. This makes remembering them easy, and you are able to limit out on fish in no time at most places. For more detailed information, be sure to check out Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s website at

Final Thoughts

Most anglers are unaware that there are even trout in Texas, let alone many different places to catch them. Thanks to the state’s wildlife department, fly fishing in Texas has never been better and keeps improving year after year. If you ever find yourself in the Lone Star state, you owe it to yourself to check out this sleeper state’s awesome trout fisheries and see them for yourself! 

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