Trout Fishing in Oklahoma (OK) – Top Spots with Map

The great state of Oklahoma is well known to a lot of anglers. The Bassmaster Classic has been through twice because the waters of the Grand Lake produce trophy bass. But while the state has record size bass and panfish, trout fishing in Oklahoma is also prevalent.

Trout Fishing in  Oklahoma (CO) - Top Spots with Map

Trout are not native to Oklahoma, but the state has introduced both rainbow and brown trout through their fishery programs, and the fish have flourished. With two year round fisheries and multiple seasonal waters, the trout fishing in Oklahoma can be very good. 

Top Locations for Trout Fishing in Oklahoma

1. Lower Mountain Fork River

A year-round trout fishery found on a 12 mile stretch, the Lower Mountain Fork River from the Broken Bow Reservoir runs all the way down to U.S. 70 and is an excellent place for catching big trout. 

Lower Mountain Fork River
Lower Mountain Fork River

Anglers can expect brown and rainbow trout to be stocked regularly, especially on popular stretches such as the five miles within Beavers Bend State Park. This area offers a ton of easy access to water, including unlimited river bank access across the park and downstream.

Another great fishing area and the access point is at Presbyterian Falls. There are boat ramps available for anglers who prefer to fish on the water rather than on shore, and big brown and rainbow trout are readily caught here as well. 

2. Blue River

The Blue River is a seasonal trout fishery that is primarily stocked and fished in the winter, and from November to March is gives anglers a chance to catch some brown and rainbow trout in the cooler winter months.

The Blue River is a tributary stream of the Red River and is 140 miles long. The trout section of the river is a six mile long stretch that can be accessed from the bank or wading. With its series of pools and runs, it provides trout anglers with many different depths and water differences to test their abilities on. 

Trout fishing in Blue River (OK)
Blue River

Trout anglers looking for a variety of conditions and some beautiful scenery will enjoy exploring the Blue River, and with its public access points and long stretches, there are plenty of places to fish that will get an angler away from the crowds.

3. Medicine Creek

Medicine Creek runs through the town of Medicine Park (hence the name) and the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. For anglers that are looking for a relaxing day on the water as well as some great fishing, Medicine Creek will not disappoint. 

This creek is regularly stocked full of rainbow trout from November to March, and these fish thrive in the cold clear water. While not generally known as a place to catch giant fish, the trout here are plentiful and very easy to catch. 

The west side of this creek is very primitive and pristine and is not readily accessible by foot. This gives an angler willing to work hard the opportunity to fish water by themselves and avoid the weekend crowds. 

4. Robbers Cave

The trout fishery known as Robbers Cave is great because of its versatility. There is plenty of access, the fishing is great, and the scenery is next to none. Located inside of Robbers Cave State Park, there is also lodging and other amenities close by. 

The trout fishery here is a 1.5 mile stretch that is located on the south end of the state park below Carlton Dam on the Fourche Maline River. There is plenty of access to water, and wade fishing is very popular here as well.

Like many other locations on this list, stocking of trout here occurs from November to March, making this more of a seasonal location but that doesn’t mean that the fishing here is not excellent when it comes to catching rainbow and brown trout.

5. Lower Illinois River

For anglers looking for a year-round trout fishery in Oklahoma, a great option is an eight mile stretch of the Illinois River. From the Tenkiller Ferry Dam to US 64 bridge near Gore, anglers can fish for brown and rainbow trout any time of the year. 

With plenty of public access and the waters designated as a trout stream, this is a very popular spot for fishermen. But do not worry, for hardcore anglers who like to avoid the crowds, there are still plenty of places along the river where you can have the water to yourself. 

One of only two year round trout waters in Oklahoma, the cold waters of the Illinois River are a special place. It also grows some of the largest trout in the state and holds many state records for both rainbow and brown trout. 

When Does Trout Season Start in Oklahoma

To go trout fishing in Oklahoma, you will need a resident or nonresident fishing license. There is no need to purchase a trout permit as well, as it is already included in a fishing license. With over 700 different dealer locations, licenses are readily available and can also be purchased online. 

While season dates and regulations vary from location to location, in general, trout fishing in Oklahoma is open year round. But because most trout locations are seasonal, the most popular fishing months are from November to March, with April to July being more popular with bass fishermen. 

If you are planning on fishing in Oklahoma, it is very important to become familiar with the state’s rules and regulations regarding fishing and abide by them. For more information, you can check out Oklahoma Wildlife Department’s website at

How Much Is a Fishing License in Oklahoma

Oklahoma gives both residents and nonresidents plenty of options when it comes to fishing licenses and their fee structures.

  • An annual license that runs from January 1 to December 31 will cost $55 for non-residents and $25 for residents. 
  • Non-residents can purchase a 1-day fishing license for only $15. 
  • Non-residents can also purchase a 6-day license for any 6 consecutive days for $35.

Oklahoma offers many different options for its nonresident anglers, but do offer youth and lifetime options for residents to the state. To view all the available licenses, visit

Where to Buy a Fishing License in Oklahoma

The most convenient way to purchase an Oklahoma fishing license is online. I won’t say this is the easiest option, however, as the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife’s website can be very difficult and troublesome to navigate. 

You can also use the online website to search for physical license vendors, which I would suggest doing. This will help you find a gas station, store, or fishing shop where you can easily buy your fishing license. 

To either buy a license online or to search for a physical license vendor throughout the state, visit

Final Thoughts

For anglers that have ever considered taking a trip to Oklahoma, they will not be disappointed by the number of places to go fishing or the trout that are in them. Now is the time to see what all this great state has to offer!

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