How Long Does a 16 oz Coleman Propane Tank Last?

Coleman propane tank is a must-have for all outdoor activities and camping, so the buyers frequently ask the question, “how long does a 16 oz. Coleman propane tank last?”. Below is a brief answer to the question before we discuss it in detail: 

A small Coleman propane tank that holds 16 ounces or 1 pound will typically last 90 to 120 minutes when used with a 75,00 BTU burner stove and a bright flame.

How Long Does a 16 oz Coleman Propane Tank Last?

The answer also varies depending on how and for what purpose you use the propane tank. 

We all know camping outside is the best way to spend the summertime with family or friends while grilling meat and eating mouthwatering self-made barbeque! 

A Coleman propane tank works effortlessly, so you enjoy trouble-free cooking, space heating, and other open-air activities.

Like all other propane tanks, this handy companion will not last you forever, you will have to replace or refill it. This article answers how long a 16 oz. Coleman propane tank last and other frequently asked questions about this popular item.

So let’s dive in.

How Long Does a 16 oz Coleman Propane Tank Last

The total runtime of the tank is dependent on the flame and power you are using. The flame output of a 16 oz. Coleman propane tank is roughly 22,000 BTUs. Measure the duration of the propane tank by dividing 22,000 BTUs by the BTUs required by the equipment per hour.

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Multiple types of devices can be coupled with the Coleman propane canister, such as:

  • Burner stove
  • Heater
  • Lantern
  • Camp oven

Therefore, the lifespan of your 16 oz. Coleman propane tank directly varies with the equipment in use.

Types & Sizes of Coleman Propane Tanks

Propane tanks by Coleman come in various sizes and capacities, allowing customers to choose from a wide range of tanks according to their needs and usage. 

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Here are the details about different Coleman propane tanks: 

  • 100lb Propane Tank: 

Propane tanks of this capacity are the best choice when you have smaller equipment and are looking for portable tanks. Also, such tanks can easily power gas ranges and indoor fireplaces while weighing 80kgs. 

  • 30lb Propane Tank: 

30lb propane tanks are specialized for powering certain vehicles. So it may be unfit for residential needs as it weighs around 23.5kgs. 

  • 20lb Propane Tank:

A 20-pound propane tank is suitable to fulfill residential needs like a fireplace. However, it does not cover large-scale energy needs like home heating. A 20lb Coleman propane tank weighs 14kgs when filled. 

  • 1lb Propane Tank: 

A 1lb Coleman propane tank costs around $12 and weighs 0.5kgs when filled. It is a famous propane tank among campers because it is refillable and portable. 

How to Make a Propane tank last longer?

When camping out there in the wilderness with limited fuel and eatables, you must ensure that your fuel tank lasts as long as possible. You would not like to spend the cold nights without a heater and have no fuel to cook food for yourself. 

We have listed a few tips and tricks to utilize your tank efficiently to make your propane tank last much longer. 

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  • Bring pre-cooked meals on your trip, and use your propane tank to warm them up. 
  • Please turn off the heat when you are done using it. 
  • Cook food in small portions to reduce cooking time and fuel usage. 
  • If the cold weather is tolerable, use warm jackets and quilts to stay snug instead of using a Coleman propane tank for heating purposes. 
  • Clean the nozzles and pipes before connecting the propane tank, as build-ups can lead to leakage. 
  • Consider bringing just-add-water meals instead of cooking on the campsite. 
  • Use efficient equipment with better burn rates to ensure maximum tank usage. 

How to Tell If Propane Tank Is Empty

When using our propane tanks for cooking and heating purposes during outdoor camping, we stay alert and wonder how much gas is left. Do I need to refill it soon? Will it last me one more day? There is an easy way to check the quantity of gas left in the tank with just a cup of hot water or by weighing it. This hack works with all kinds of cylinders, whether big or small.  

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Follow the given steps to tell if your Coleman propane tank is empty or not: 

  1. Heat a cup of water until it becomes moderately warm. 
  2. Pour the warm water on one side of the tank and make sure it streams from top to bottom without interrupting the water flow. 
  3. Now put your hand on the metal tank and slowly move it up and down to feel the temperature. 
  4. The hot surface indicates the empty tank area, while a temperature drop hints at the filled area. 

Using this trick, you can recognize your soon-to-be or empty propane tank and refill it to ensure a smooth supply of propane. 

How to refill 16 oz Coleman Propane Tank?

Refilling a Coleman propane tank proves to be an environmentally-friendly practice. Also, it is economical because you can reuse the same tank or canister repeatedly instead of purchasing a new one. It is simple to refill your small 16 oz Coleman propane tank from a larger cylinder using a standard propane refill adaptor in a few minutes.

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How to Refill a 16 oz Coleman Propane Tank: 

Step 1: 

Make sure the cylinder is placed on a hard surface and is upright. 

Step 2: 

Connect the propane tank refill adaptor with the large cylinder and turn off the valve of the large tank before making the connection. Also, screw the adaptor tightly to prevent leakage. 

Step 3: 

Attach your Coleman propane tank with the large cylinder and screw it tight with your hands. 

Step 4: 

Turn the large tank (used for refilling) over the small tank (the one being refilled). It will speed up the process of propane transfer. 

Step 5: 

Open the valves of both tanks, and the pressure will start transferring. It takes around 5-6 minutes for the tank to refill. However, it is recommended to wait a little longer to ensure a complete refill. 

Step 6: 

The last step is to close the valves and remove the small tank from the refill adapter. 

Do Coleman Propane Tanks Expire?

Yes, Coleman propane tanks have an expiry date written on the packaging. An unopened tank has a long-lasting shelf-life of seven years, whereas an opened Coleman propane tank should be utilized within two years of opening before you choose to refill it. 

Also, to avoid malfunctions, store your propane tank in well-ventilated storage, dry, and cool area while keeping it away from flammable materials. 

How Long Does a 16 oz Coleman Propane Tank Last? | Final Thoughts

16 oz. Coleman propane tanks are the perfect companion when traveling in the wilderness or having a BBQ party on the lawn. It is lightweight and compact-sized, making it easy to carry around places. 

Depending on your use and attached equipment, it can last between an hour and two hours. And the best part is you can size up according to your needs, as Coleman has a wide range of propane tanks with different capacities.

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