Top 10 Best Bodyboards in the World Today

This article is a top 10 list of the best bodyboards. In the article, we discuss the pros and cons of each board as well as their features. Finally, we review each board.

What are the Best Bodyboard Brands?

Have you ever wondered what are the best bodyboard brands? Well, in this article, we are not only going to answer what the best bodyboarding brands are, we will also mention some top-of-the-range boards. Also, we will mention the best budget boards. So, let’s …

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What to Wear Kayaking: 3 Different Weather Scenarios

Choosing what to wear kayaking is not as easy as you might think. Making the wrong choice has a huge impact on your overall experience, leaving you roasting in the sun or shivering from the cold. For this reason, I’ve had a look at …

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What are the Best Surfboard Brands?

If you are looking to buy a new surfboard or if you are just curious, we discuss the 8 best surfboard brands. Each brand has a budget option and a high-end option, we look at both. We then look at and answer a few of the most common questions about surfboards that we get asked.

What Are The Best Wetsuit Brands For Surfing And BodySurfing?

In this article, we discussed what the best wetsuit brands are, and specifically, we discussed the best wetsuit brands for bodysurfing and for surfing. We discussed why they are the best, and our goal was to help surfers choose the best wetsuit for them.

Canoe vs Kayak: How to Choose Between Kayak & Canoe

Canoe vs Kayak?  Really, which one is best for you?  Questions arise when deciding which one of these non-motorized vessels is a better fit for your paddling needs.  If you can only choose one, it’s often a toss-up.  A definitive answer can seem not …

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