What Is The Best Lightweight Waterproof Tent Material?

Tent material is one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying your first tent. There are many options of materials which can become a little confusing for the first-time tent buyer, especially when you don’t know what the characteristics of the materials …

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Do I Need a Tarp Under My Tent?

Are you planning a camping trip soon, and you’re wondering, “do I need a tarp under my tent?” You’ve heard a tarp will keep you dry, but then again, it’s one more thing to lug around until you reach the campsite. Is a tarp …

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How to Insulate a Tent for Winter Camping

Do you want to go camping this winter, but you’re struggling with how to insulate a tent? A sleeping bag alone won’t be enough to protect you from the frigid seasonal temperatures. How do you keep your tent nice and toasty for wintertime fun …

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What is a Walk-up Campsite?

Understanding the language of campgrounds and knowing the difference between a walk-up campsite and a walk-in campsite can make the experience go more smoothly. This can save you and your buddies from having to cancel a trip because the campground didn’t have enough campsites. …

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Best Camping in Florida (Paid & Free Options)

A bit confused about where your best campsites might be in the Sunshine State?  With Florida’s biodiversity, it can keep you on an excursion for years.  Florida is larger than one might imagine.  Boasting 1,350 miles of coastline, it has the longest contiguous coastline …

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How to Stay Warm in a Tent When Camping

Are you trying to learn how to stay warm in a tent? Understanding a few tips and tricks can make the experience of camping more fun-filled and unforgettable. You want to get a good night’s rest and understanding a few things can help with that.

Best Camping in Arizona – Top 50 Spots (Free & Paid)

Are you traveling to the southwest and want to know the best camping in Arizona? Are you unsure where to start in a diverse state with deserts, mountains, lakes, canyons, and rivers? Then you have come to the right place! We are going to …

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