Wacky Rig Fishing: How to Setup and Fish

If you are into bass fishing, then you have no doubt heard about the wacky rig. The wacky rig is a very popular freshwater rig for bass fishing. This rig is very popular amongst bass fishermen and can be used in many situations. If you have ever wanted to learn how to rig and fish with a wacky rig or just want to increase your skills while using this rig, then you have come to the right place!

Wacky Rig Fishing: How to Setup and Fish

What is a Wacky Rig?

So what exactly is a wacky rig? The wacky rig is a simple fishing rig that is used in freshwater to target bass. This rig is made with a soft plastic worm that is affixed to a hook in the center of the lure. This design allows it to catch finicky fish and gives it much more motion and action in the water. 

Wacky Rig Setup

Setting up and rigging a wacky rig is extremely easy and only requires a few simple pieces of gear and a couple of steps to assemble. In fact, all you really need to create this basic rig is your fishing line, a hook, and your plastic lure! You can also supplement it with a slider or egg sinker weight as well. 

To create this rig, simply attach your hook to the end of your fishing line. Next, pierce your plastic worm through the center with the hook, and there you have it! A wacky-rigged worm.

Ultimately, to save time and money, you can use the O-ring.

If you need more weight, you can throw it on the sinker above your hook in order to be able to cast further. 

When to Use a Wacky Rig

The wacky rig is most often used when fish are being very picky eaters on tough fishing days. It is also used when you are targeting all sizes of fish, like the size of the bait is usually smaller, allowing fish of all sizes a chance to take the lure. This rig can be used year-round, although most bass anglers will avoid using it during the winter months when the bass are more sluggish. 

Why the Wacky Rig Works

The wacky rig is so effective at catching bass because of its unique design. Because it is so different from the other popular fishing rigs, it can usually catch the pressured fish that are used to those setups. This rig also always both ends of your plastic lure to move and flutter in the water, causing more commotion and attracting surrounding fish to come and investigate. 

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How to Rig a Wacky Rig

What are the Best Hooks for a Wacky Rig?

You can use any type or size of hook that you want with a wacky rig, which helps to make this rig extremely versatile. Most serious bass fishermen, however, will generally use wacky rig hooks specially made for this fishing rig. These basic hooks have a short shank and wide gap hook with a round bend to give you the best action in the water with this rig.

Another popular option is circle or octopus-style hooks, as they are generally very sharp, and their shape lends itself to this rig design. 

What are the Best Worms for a Wacky Rig?

While any plastic worms will work for a wacky rig, by far the best and most effective option is to use Senko worms. This rig was originally designed for Senko worms, so you know that they work! These worms work well because of their shape and their ability to move well through the water and cause the most commotion. This simple shape is ideal for this rig and always seems to generate the most results. 

What is the Best Line for a Wacky Rig?

A great starting point for a wacky rig setup is to use an eight to ten-pound test line. Fluorocarbon lines tend to be the most popular with this finesse fishing setup, although you can also use a monofilament fishing line. The eight to ten-pound line should be more than enough to handle any bass that you might catch, even larger fish.

Whatever type of line you use, just make sure you use a quality line from a reputable manufacturer. Remember that you often get what you pay for!

What is the Best Rod for a Wacky Rig?

Wacky rig rods come in all shapes and sizes, but most are used for finesse fishing. Try starting out with a seven-foot spinning rod with a medium action. This will give you enough power to pull in good-sized fish while also providing you with enough sensitivity to properly use this rig and feel a bite. 

How to Wacky Rig a Senko? 

If you want to rig your Senko worm on a wacky rig, there are only a few basic things to remember. Rig the worm by holding it with your index finger and thumb in order to find its center point of gravity. After finding the center, push your hook through the middle of the lure and leave the point of the hook exposed. Rigging your Senko in this style will give it a different look and cause it to fall with a “fluttering” motion, mimicking the action of a dying baitfish. 

How to Fish a Wacky Rig?

The great thing about the wacky rig is that it can be fished and presented in a number of different ways. One of the favorite techniques, especially with a small Senko being used as the lure, is to let the rig sink all the way to the bottom of the water. Once at the bottom, you twitch your rod and raise it occasionally to make the worm move through the water. This rig allows the worm to make sporadic jerks with even the slightest movement of your rod. Keep an eye on the slack in the line, and be ready for a bite!

How to Rig a Weedless Wacky Worm

If you are fishing in an area with a lot of brush and cover but still want to use a wacky rig, you can actually create a “weedless” wacky worm. To do this, simply rig up your plastic worm wacky style. After it is complete, you will now turn your hook 180 degrees so that the point of the hook is facing back towards the body of the worm. You will then continue pushing the hook through the worm so that the eye becomes embedded into the plastic. To finish, push the point of the hook into the worm as well. This will prevent it from getting snagged on anything while fishing but still hook into a bass when it bites down on the worm. 

Wacky Rig Fishing | Final Thoughts

The wacky rig can be a great tool in your arsenal if you are fishing and nothing seems to be working. Sometimes changing things up can be the difference between catching a large fish and not even getting a bite. Thanks to the unique design of the wacky rig, you can easily find more success on your next fishing trip. Now that you know about the wacky rig and how to rig it, try it out, and you are sure to enjoy it!

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